John Hobbs Croquet Mallets

Used mallets

I have learned the hard way that mallets going to hot dry climates will dry out and shrink, leading to splits, starting behind the face. I have sometimes replaced the old face and filled the split with superglue, so that it is now stronger than the wood. Used in the UK climate these heads should be perfectly serviceable. In any case I will guarantee them not to split again. I now supply hot climates with specially tough, dry wood.


In some cases the split can be seen if it's on the side or the top, but from a distance it does not stand out.


Other heads have been exchanged because a different weight was wanted, so the only sign of wear is on the faces.


In the table below the width is in millimeters and the weight is in grammes. 2" = 51mm.

and 1022ms = 2lb 4oz, which is a typical head weight.


The price shown is that for the complete mallet, with a new handle, which is £82 of  the £190 for a standard mallet. I also have some used handles - 32mm wide.