John Hobbs Croquet Mallets

Split shaft set up 2

2. Starting with the handle assembled and fully tightened


Undo the screw and push the handle in the head while screwing it clockwise,and it will become fairly tight in the head. Keep turning clockwise till the head is roughly as you will want it. Put back the screw, with the washers as they were and tighten the screw till it begins to pull the connector into the head. You don’t want it to be too difficult to twist the head.


3. Setting the angle of the handle


With the handle not too tight in the head you can get the approximate setting for your grip style by putting the head between your feet and twisting the handle clockwise until it makes the head point straight ahead when you have your desired grip. If the head screw is not too tight you should be able also to move the handle anticlockwise without undoing the screw in the middle of the shaft. However, if it is fairly tight you may find that to get it to move anticlockwise you have in fact to move it nearly a full circle in a clockwise direction, otherwise the split joint comes undone. In order to show how much you have moved the handle you need to put a mark on the nylon or aluminium connector where the middle of the sightline comes, to give an approximate final position. You can then judge how much you have moved it – left or right.

Having got to this stage you can now do the aiming at the peg as detailed in the setting up advice. The mark on the connector will enable you to see by how much you have rotated the handle to correct the alignment. Play some games and check whether the setting is the best you can get and then mark the connector at each side of the sightline and tighten the screw fully, so that the setting is permanent but repeatable. Check the marks on the split joint to make sure that the split joint is fully tightened.


4. Dismantle and reassemble


When you want to travel, turn the top of the handle anticlockwise until the joint comes loose and undo it fully. Leave the bottom half in the head and pack the two pieces in your case. When you reassemble you should always check that the top section has screwed fully into the bottom section and the two marks are lined up. You will then know that the handle is set correctly. Also just check that in tightening the top half you haven’t moved the bottom half in the head – it should have been tight enough not to move.