John Hobbs Croquet Mallets

Some woods

These are some of the woods I have used to make mallets. I build up a stock over winter but I cannot guarantee to have all of them.  Some of the pictures are of mallets I've made in the past and I've included them because they are very attractive and illustrate how much wood varies.


In the 'Stock' column I've put  'Yes' if it's normall available; Some, meaning I have some in stock now, but cannot necessarily get more: 'rare' means I may find some and 'gone' means I am unlikely to get any more.


The 'Premium' column shows how much extra the wood costs.


In the 'Press' column it shows the button on the left to press to see the wood

Rosewood Mahogany Exotics Purpleheart Exotics 2 More English woods