John Hobbs Croquet Mallets

Recent options

You can have an oiled finish instead of lacquer. Oil has the advantage that it is easy to top up the finish each season with a rub of teak oil, or similar product for preserving hardwoods. The oil used in the picture below was darker than usual, but it is a very good preservative. The wood is mahogany and the oiled head is in the rear. I have found that the white from boundary lines gets deposited on the bottom and can be difficult to remove if left.


After some experience and user feedback, it seems that most players prefer the lacquer finish.

mahog oil vs lac

Oil vs lacquer

Holes for stability initials on handle

Initials on the top of the handle as required when you have an oiled finish to the head.

Initials on handle top

Split shaft

The ahaft is in two parts held together by an aluminium rod. The rod is glued into the top section and held in the bottom section by being screwed into an M8 bolt that is fixed inside the carbon fibre tube. Once the bottom section has been set up properly it need never be removed.

split joint