John Hobbs Croquet Mallets

Rotate the head to suit your grip


The big advantage of the mallet is that the handle can be rotated in the head, so that regardless of how you hold the handle, you can adjust the head to bring it into line. Unfortunately the accuracy of the mallet still depends on the player, but many people have experienced an improvement in their accuracy on roquets, due to being able to hold the handle more comfortably and then adjusting the head if necessary.



A lightweight handle


To keep the handle light the top grip is padded with balsa wood, with a plastic Karakal Hockey grip wound round it. The bottom grip is made of a very light material called Duplon - used in fishing rod grips. The shaft can be of aluminium or carbon fibre, which is about 2.5oz lighter than the aluminium.


Shock absorber or rigid


The mallet has a tapered nylon rod that joins the head and handle and provides flexibility. This absorbs shock on croquet shots and even strong roll shots are virtually shock free. Players who want a stiffer shaft can have carbon fibre and a tapered aluminium end to the handle instead of nylon. The final option is carbon fibre with the nylon connector, which gives lightness and flexibility.



Cross section of head


You can see a cross section of a head by clicking below.


The Design and Build

Mallet construction