John Hobbs Croquet Mallets

The Benefits...

Adopt your most comfortable grip


The handle cross section is an octagon, with a long and a short axis. If you use the standard grip (top hand knuckles forward, lower hand palm forward) then try holding the handle with the longer axis going from left to right instead of front to rear. Why? Because you should find that it feels more comfortable and lies more predictably in your hand. It is a fundamental principle of coaching, that you automate as much as possible so that you can then concentrate on important things. Most of the people using my mallets have switched over, and report that they have gained in accuracy, once they have adjusted the angle of the handle by experiment (instructions and useful advice come with the mallet).


If you use the Solomon grip and you have any slight twisting tendencies, these can be compensated by adjusting the head angle, as I have found for myself.


If you use the Irish grip it can help to have the handle at about 45° if you find that more comfortable and easily located. Which way you have it, depends on which hand is on top.


You can see examples of grips and orientation here


Shock absorbing


If  you have ever had trouble with shock being transmitted to your wrists, especially on hard roll shots, then the nylon acts as a shock absorber. It can be quite a boon to anyone with joint problems. The padded lower grip also helps to give you something softer to grab hold of and I can provide a wider (34mm dia.) bottom grip for large hands or for even more shock absorbing. The nylon also gives more push to the balls for a given amount of effort.




Most users say that the balance of the mallet seems right, with the actual balance point being about 5.5cm (2.2") above the head.


Dismantle for airline travel


Never surrender your mallet to the hold luggage, unless you have a tough case or wrap it in a drainpipe. Take the mallet apart by undoing the screw at the bottom and the handle will pull out of the head. Pack the head in your case and you should be able to carry the handle (as a walking stick!) or get it deposited with the cabin crew. Mark the position of the handle accurately before dismantling. If you know it must go in the hold then buy some plastic pipe and put the handle in that.


If you have the optional split handle, then leave the bottom half connected tn the head and unscrew the top half and put both pieces in your case.








Grip styles